Sincerely Yours
Stained Glass Studio

What SYSGS offers

Stained Glass Art Program

So often we hear people say, "I've always wanted to do stained glass."  If that's you, then this program is the program for you.

We will guide you through ALL the steps to make a beautiful glass project.  Tools and equipment are provided for your use during the class.  You purchase supplies as you go along.  Choosing the color and type of glass lets you customize the project.  Class is a one-on-one situation to assure you of personal attention and quality learning in a friendly setting and an "artsy" atmosphere.

Class Structure

One-on-One (1.5 hours once per week)

Open-ended program which continues as long as you like or until your project is completed.


We repair Tiffany style and leaded glass, to include panels, lamps, windows, and sun catchers.

Stained glass is a labor-intensive endeavor requiring many skills, supplies, tools, and knowledge.  We base our estimates on the following considerations:

Bring in the item so an estimate can be calculated.  There is a $25 (minimum) charge for written estimates.


At Sincerely Yours Stained Glass Studio, we can restore the usefulness and beauty of any damaged, aging, or weathered window.

Old windows that are exposed to the elements can suffer minor to major damage.  Signs of needed restoration are bowing, stretching, broken glass, cracking and a white powdery substance that indicates the lead is oxidizing.

Expert restoration of historic stained glass has earned Sincerely Yours Stained Glass a regional reputation for artistry and craftsmanship. 


SYSGS opened in the Town of Occoquan in the Fall of 1992 and moved to its present location in the Fall of 2006.

While in Occoquan, SYSGS has earned a regional reputation for its stained glass expertise and was responsible for the recent restoration of 16 stained glass windows for the St. Mark's Fellowship Hall in Vienna, VA.